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Launch x431 review

Launch x431 Review 2020- A Big Display & 7000mah Battery Scanner

  • Screen Size - 98%
  • Battery - 94%
  • Build Quality - 95%


A good screen size display with 7000 mah battery has made this device awesome. The active test feature is also outstanding.

Some of the important facilities and setbacks of this device are below,



  • Rapid results
  • Multilingual
  • Android OS
  • Active tests
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Printing data
  • Auto-detect function, etc
  • Broad internal storage


  • A bit on the heavier side.

A good quality OBD2 scanner can turn out quite a relief for vehicle users in so many aspects. And to come across these factors of diagnosis, this brand called Launch has manufactured so many scanning tools each capable of providing proper and accurate information to the users.

This Launch X41 review is also about one such product from Launch, will afford you some acquaintance with the product to help you make the proper decisions about it.

The Launch X431 is packed with tons of effective and useful functions, bellow are described some of them in brief for your idea,

Technical Specifications Of Launch x431:

  • Screen Size: 10.1 inches
  • OS: Android
  • OS version: 7.1
  • Memory: 48 GB
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • Multilingual: Yes
  • Battery: 7000 MAH
  • Active Test: Yes
  • Vehicle health report: Yes (Via Email)
  • Weight: 13.23 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches

20 Functioning Reset Options

The most important facts that are looked for by vehicle owners and users are the resetting functions. The more resetting functions are there in a device, the more effective it is for a vehicle.

And undoubtedly, this device has a number of reset functions that many scanning devices now days would probably lack in. These reset functions include, ABS, SAS, TPMS, SRS, Injector, Gear, Brakes, Steering, oil reset, etc.

In-depth Diagnosis

The device is known for its accurate results as the device is not limited to only just reading the codes and viewing information to the user.

The device goes beyond the problem by scanning and also taking proper steps according to the part of the vehicle that needs to be diagnosed properly.

The device goes deep by finding out the exact problem, and this can be made possible as the device performs active tests, for example turning on or turning off fuel pumps, perform an emission test, etc.

Rapid Results

For a scanning tool, it is required to be fast in finding out the issue or even to provide information. And this specific device from Launch is known for its rapid response yet accurate data.

A device has to have a lot of factors in order to perform quickly. The Launch X431 has an android operating system unlike other ones with the manufacturer-provided OS.

This helps in its rapid response. Also, the device has a rechargeable battery with eight hours of backup. This device has an internal memory of 48 GB. The more memory, the more it is easier to perform and to operate, thus more effective and on-time results.

Vehicle Model and Brand Coverage

It is required for a scanning tool to match with the vehicle or else there is no use of buying one. You can be a lot more tension-free when you buy the X431 as the number of vehicle adaptability is pretty wide.

Considering the car brands, this scanning tool is compatible with almost 150 different vehicle brands and talking about the models, over 10000 car models fall under this vehicle.

This tool covers American, Asian, European, Malaysian, Russian, and Indian car models. So, whatever county your vehicle belongs to, the device has access to most of them.

Record and Playback Data

Another lucrative feature of this device that very few vehicle models have in the market is you can record the live data stream of the scanning procedure and watch it later on.

Sometimes you are capable of handling the tool all by yourself and sometimes you need external suggestions about any specific codes. And by recording the live stream you can get to exactly where you need help as you playback later.

This way, through the live data recording and playback option a lot more actions get easier to understand.

Prepare and Deliver Health Report

The device is capable of preparing an overall health report of the vehicle by providing the necessary information needed for it.

Not only that, but the device also has the option to deliver the report directly to your email address which has to be fed in the device prior.  This way you can have an overall written format of report that to in your own hands.

A Wide Number of Language Options

The number of language options this specific device called the Launch x431 has, very few devices in the market has this many language options.

The more language options the more it is easier for users of different parts of the word to understand the scanning results.

The device has about 24 or so languages in which the results can be shown, examples include English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Persian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, and a lot more.

Auto Information Detect

Vehicles have some unique set of information like for example the VIN information, that helps towards knowing the car more, distinctively identify the vehicle and also helping to match any extra car parts that could be needed.

But sometimes we tend to misplace this information. This is where the device comes in handy. The device has an auto-detect feature which helps to find out this information and view them to the user.

Final Verdict

Very few devices and powerful scanning tool model like the Launch X431 is as effective and efficient to function like this and provide the proper and accurate results that too in a very limited span of time.

If you choose this device after going through the compatibility check, you will surely not regret choosing this one as your scanning device.

This Launch X431 review has hopefully given you enough ideas about the device for you to decide.

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