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Launch crp909 review

Launch CRP909 Review 2020- Auto Detect Function Scanner

  • Code Readability - 97%
  • Record history - 95%
  • Display - 98%
  • Build Quality - 95%


Launch crp909 is multilingual enable with the touch screen function smart scanner. Ideal for both users: personal and professional.



  • History record function
  • Fast responding touch screen
  • Supports nine languages
  • Compatible with 80 brands
  • Long battery life
  • Auto-detect function
  • Updates available.


  • Some models might fall under all functions.

OBD2 scanning devices are a form of a necessity nowadays. Through this only one device, the whole condition of a vehicle can easily be understood.

And to fulfill these requirements Launch has been coming up with newer and useful OBD2 scanning devices for a long period of time. In this launch crp909 review, we shall get to know about one of such devices.

LAUNCH CRP909 is a tool from the OBD2 range from Launch that has fulfilled the expectation of many users who were in need of proper diagnosis of their vehicle.

The launch has a range that consists of different models of vehicle scanners each one capable of providing accurate information about different parts of the vehicle.

This scanner model does not only views the different codes and diagnosis but also acts accordingly. So that it becomes an ideal scanner model for your vehicle.

Launch CRP909 Review

Let’s get to know which well-known features make this device an ideal one,

Technical specifications of Launch CRP909

  • Display: 7.0 inch
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • OS: Android
  • Multilingual: Yes
  • Battery: Lithium (6000 MAH)
  • Processor: Quad-core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • ROM: 16 GB
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.7 x 14.1 x 5 inches

Technological advancement

Packed with essential and advanced technical features, the Launch crp909 is an android device that has the OS of android 7.1 with a processor of quad-core.

This allows the device for fast responding. This kind of tools need an effective battery for better performance, for this, the device is equipped with 6000 MAH lithium battery. The touch screen is properly functional able and which also takes less time to operate.

Special ODB2 functions

Consisting of all the OBD2 functions, the device also has some special OBD2 functions that make it capable to reset different data and maintenance of different codes.

Functions like oil light reset, ABS, IMMO key programming, sunroof reset, suspension reset are present in this device. Also, there are also the EPB, DPF, SAS, TPMS, gearbox reset, headlamp reset, gear learning, fuel injector coding, throttle adaption, and battery management.

Read and clear codes

The scanning tool reads and clears a number of codes that provide the user with a comfortable diagnosis. The device works in different parts of the vehicle scans them and provides possible action.

Airbag, engine, steering, ABS, transmission, ESP, TPMS are one of the few examples.

The device also includes cruise control, 4WD system stabilizer, immobilizer, etc. the device works with the gateway, conditioning, air central locking, radio, electric windows, xenon headlights too.


With the help of internet connectivity, you can easily update the device when recent updates available. Updating the device will provide you with a better functioning device and also will make the device more compatible with the model of the car.

It does not take that much time and effort to update the device, you just have to connect it with the internet and go to the website or app accordingly to get your update done.

Restore VIN and related information

There is some specific information about the device that requires identification sometimes. As the device has auto-detect function thus the information like VIN of the device is required.

The device scans the vehicle, restores the information so that the auto-detects process could take place and also emails the result to the registered email id of the user.

Multiple language support

The device has multiple language options for different areas of people to know better about the whole diagnosis.

Though English is the common language across the globe still some data and information are well understandable in any user’s own language if English is not their mother tongue.

This is why this device offers nine different language options. These languages are, English, German French, Italian Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.

Wide brand compatibility

The more vehicle models or brands the device is compatible with, the more the users are free from worries about the compatibility with their vehicle.

A device that does not sync with the vehicle is a total waste of money. So, choosing a scanner with a good number of vehicle brand compatibility can turn out to be fruitful.

The Launch crp909 is compatible with around 80 different vehicle brands from Asia and Europe. The device is compatible with vehicle models from 2006 to 2019.

Record history

Another good feature of this product is that it has a data history recording function. The device records the lat scanned data. Thus it helps in two ways to the user.

The scanning process can be started from that particular phase, no need to restart the whole scanning procedure again. Also, the recorded data can be used again later for proper knowledge about any specific occurrence that took place before.

Text and graphical data

The device has both textual and graphical data options. The text data sometimes is not enough for a proper understanding of some factors.

To understand more about these issues, a simple graph can become more understandable to the user as graphs show different stages of aspects of any data thus more clarity it the provided information.

Included manual system

The device includes manual system mode. Sometimes there are some specific data that are required and also automatic mode is not required, at these times this manual system comes into place.

Id auto-detect process is not functioning at that moment; you can also manually scan the car to get the required information.

Final Verdict

This launch crp909 review is dedicated to providing you with adequate information about the device and its functions so that you can have proper guidance before buying the product for your vehicle.

This product is ideal because of its wide variety of functions. If there is any confusion regarding the compatibility you can also get online help from the manufacturers too.

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