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Launch crp229 review

Launch CRP229 Review 2020- A Dual Core CPU Scan Tool

  • Display - 94%
  • Battery - 93%
  • Build Quality - 95%


The Launch CRP229 is a dual-core CPU and WiFi facility scan tool. It has an also LCD colored display.

Some of the positive and negative sides of the device are below,



  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Multilingual
  • A good number of vehicle compatibility
  • WIFI facility
  • LCD colored display
  • Updatable


  • A bit heavy on the budget

Still in search of the perfect scanning tool for your vehicle? This Launch CRP229 review might help you in your quest.

We hope to provide not just information about this device only but through this review you probably would get an overall idea about what kind of qualities has to be there for being a good OBD2 scanner.

Launch CRP229 Review

The Launch has made the whole scanning process very convenient for users because of newer and advanced features of OBD2 scanners. One such product is the Launch crp229.

Let’s continue to know about some of this product’s lucrative features.  

Technical Specifications Of Launch crp229:

  • Display: 5.0 inch
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • CPU: Dual Core
  • Android-based: Yes
  • WIFI: Yes
  • Voltage: 9-15
  • Multilingual: Yes
  • TF card slot: Yes
  • Folding: No
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 7 inches

Regularly updatable

Updating the device is pretty easy and can be done by anyone. The device needs internet connectivity which you can both do with the wired and wireless medium.

Connecting via WiFi makes the updating procedure even more convenient. Frequent updates of the device are necessary as the updates make the device more compatible and can perform even better for different kinds of vehicles.

And considering this device, users can update the device by themselves which definitely turns out to be an effective point.

Easy User Interface

Another feature that makes the device a good choice among vehicle owners and users is that the user interface through which the device performs is easy to understand and operate.

Sometimes users face complains of not being able to run the device properly. In this device, it would not be an issue.

The device has the Android OS that also helps to perform even better plus the user-friendly user interface also makes it more effective considering user preferences.


The device is said to be enough durable to withstand heavy and regular usage. The device is made out of quality material and measured precision.

The device promises to perform well even in harsh situations. The device does its job whatever the situation is. The quality of the product makes it perform even against impact or situations like coming in contact with dirt or water.

Vehicle Model Compatibility

The issue lot of OBD2 scanner users have faced or even now facing is that figuring out whether the device is compatible with the vehicle or not.

Talking about the launch crp 229, this device is compatible with around 42 different brands from across the world.

Cars from the different manufacturers from Asia, Europe, and America are compatible with this device so, users can have lesser worries considering the compatibility issue whatsoever.

Live Data Graphs

The most convenient way that you can get to know about the parameters of different aspects of the vehicle is through graphs. And the launch crp 229 provides you information through graphs.

The device is capable of showing live data from different parts of the car. And then all of this information is shown at once in a number of graphs on the screen.

This way, the user gets to know about their desired information or data clearly and on point altogether at the same time.

Essential OBD2 Functions

The device is packed with essential and useful features that help to know about some of the in-depth information about the car.

It does not only have the basic OBD2 features that are required for a device but also has special diagnostic features too.

It includes the features that most vehicle users seek for like the oil functions, engine and oil functions, brake functions, etc.

Also, the device includes carbon emission tests, oxygen sensors, DTC functions too. Some of which are also shown in graph format for added convenience for the user.

Convenient Carrying and Storage

The launch crp 229 is a device that is made thinking about the convenience of users in each and every aspect possible.

The scanning tool is not just easy to operate because of its easy to use interface, but also the device is easy to handle physically too.

The buttons are there where it is the most convenient for the user. The design of it makes it easier to carry as such devices are frequently carried to the vehicle.

Also after using the device can be stored pretty easily because of it lightweight and compact design.

Final Verdict

A lot of devices and tools nowadays in markets promise to provide quality service and accurate results. It’s upon the user to choose between them according to their preferences and requirements.

This device from Launch scanner has all these necessary features that make it helpful from users. Considering this device, it is one of the suggestions from us as a basic and useful OBD2 scanner.

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