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Launch crp129 review

Launch CRP129 Review and Comparison with Launch CRP129E

  • LCD Display - 97%
  • Battery - 95%
  • ABS and SRS - 96%
  • Build Quality - 98%


For the clear TFT display screen functionality and ABS and SRS enable scanner, Launch CRP129 & CRP129E are Really awesome.



  • All OBD2 functions
  • Four system data
  • Special read and clear functions
  • Live data feature
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed and accurate results
  • Clear TFT display
  • Multiple language facility
  • Many models compatibility
  • Online assistance, etc.


  • Works only with the vehicle with 12V batteries.

Vehicle and vehicle-related tools and gadgets are getting updated day by day. Now through OBD2 scanners, one can find out the important information about the vehicle without a costly visit to the car repair shop.

In this Launch CRP129 review, the factors that are needed to be present in OBD2 scanners will be discussed for a firm knowledge about these devices.

Although there are a lot of features and facilities of this device we shall cover the most attractive and useful ones that are essential to be present in an OBD2 device.

Launch CRP129 Review of 2020

Let’s start the model review and comparison with the updated model

Technical Specifications and Comparision Between Launch CRP129 and Launch crp129E

The Launch CRP 129 is the older version of the Launch CRP129E. Both the device is enough compatible to provide quality diagnosis yet, both of the devices have some significant differences.

Like, both the devices can look the same but CRP129E is a touch screen while the CRp129 has a button with TFT LCD screen. Also, the newer model has a TPMS code function that the older version doesn’t.

In the part of the technical features of this Launch crp129 and Launch crp129E review we will also get to know some more differences.

FEATURESLaunch crp129Launch crp129E (Update)
Display4.0 Inches5.0 inches
Touch screen NoYes
OSAndroidSystem Manufacturer
Battery monitoringNoYes
Internal BatteryYesYes
TPMS codesNoYes
VIN detectNoYes
ABS and SRSYesYes
Weight1.45 pounds2.35 pounds
Dimensions5.9 x 1.2 x 2.4 inches10.8 x 8.8 x 3.2 inches

Detail Analysis of Four Systems

The device has a lot of useful features like many other scanners from the brand Launch. This feature is “read and clear codes” and detailed analysis of four important systems of the vehicle which are the transmission, engine, and ABS SRS.

The transmission system is where the sensors, clutch, gear, and pump, etc are included and this device provides most of these. Reads and clears check engine light codes.

Also, the ABS system which represents the antilock system of a car, this device also takes care of it. The airbag trouble code which is also known as the SRS code also falls under these four important systems of a vehicle.

Special Reset Functions

Other than the four important systems reset functions there are also special reset programs of other parts of the vehicle in this device.

For example, the oil light reset which is a very common problem code among vehicle users, this device also reads and clears it. It also takes care of the automatic electronic parking system and steering angle codes of the vehicle.

Vehicle Brand Compatibility

This device has a wide number of vehicle compatibility. Though in some cases the device needs to be checked if it is compatible with the vehicle or not yet, the huge number of brand and model compatibility of the device makes it easier for the user to choose for his/her vehicle.

To be exact the device is compatible with 40 or more OBD2 enabled vehicle brands. Also if you have any confusion about the compatibility you can get online help.

LCD Display

The device has a TFT LCD display with a colored screen. There are many sorts of textual and graphical data viewed on the screen.

So differentiating between them and pointing out different data significantly even while driving, is very crucial. That is why this colored screen LCD display comes in handy. This helps with a clearer view and easier understandability.

Easy to Handle and Operate

Another quality to focus on this device is it is very easy to use and operate. As the device is very compact and handy, there is comfort holding it and the weight is also perfect not straining the hands of the user too much when a long time used.

Another quality that makes this device so easy to use is its interface. The user can easily operate it and get the information needed. The size of the device also makes it easy to store. Thus provides user comfort in every aspect possible.


The device has updates availability. It is necessary for the device to be compatible with new and innovative car models. Thus the update or up-gradation feature is added.

All you have to do is connect the device with the internet and follow the up-gradation procedure. This way there will be more possibilities added to the device.

Multiple Language Options

Like other devices from this manufacturer Launch, this device also has multiple languages for users from different parts of the globe.

Though English is the most common and understandable language, yet some critical functions and data are well understood to the user in their own language of comfort.

This is why the device has to offer five different languages for this device, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and Russian.

Real-time Data

Real-time data of the device means that the data and information shown on the screen are the data that is coming from the vehicle at that very moment.

This live data stream facility helps gather the exact information from the different parts of the vehicle to be more specific of the issue or the part. Thus, provides an accurate diagnosis. 

Final Verdict

Both the devices from Launch lack no efficiency in the diagnosis. Yet, we tend to focus on the newer version for some newer updated features and services considering the vehicle.

Both the device is efficient in its own way and both the device can provide quality service. It is upon the vehicle user and the vehicle itself which one will be more compatible with it according to its models.

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