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Launch crp123 review

Launch CRP123 Review- Colored LED Screen & Fast Response Function

  • Color Screen - 97%
  • Live Data - 96%
  • Battery - 94%


According to the live data featured obd2 scanner, the Launch crp123 is a stunning code reader. It’s colored LED screen and fast response function made this device greatest.



  • Colored LED screen
  • Multilingual
  • Fast response
  • Easy to use
  • Live data
  • Freeze frame
  • Supports all 10 modes of OBD2.
  • DTC library


  • Supports vehicle from 2006 till present.

Whatever the size and shape of a vehicle are or what purpose it is used for, a proper diagnosis of a vehicle is pretty much needed regardless of anything else.

This Launch CRP123 review is for somewhat idea of the users about a good scanning tool and its possible practical functions.

Like many other good quality scanning tools from Launch, the CRP123 is also a model that has these innovative and essential aspects that are required in a good functional OBD2 scanner.

Launch CRP123 Review

Amongst several of its quality aspects and features, some of the important ones which users mostly tend to search in an OBD2 scanner are provided bellow,

Technical Specifications Of Launch CRP123:

  • Display: 3. 5 inch
  • Touch screen: No
  • Color screen: Yes
  • ABS and SRS: Yes
  • Multilingual: Yes
  • Live data: Yes
  • Freeze frame: Yes
  • Oil reset: No
  • Updatable: Yes
  • VIN support: Yes
  • Weight: 1.37 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.9 x 1.9 inches

Live data for important scans

The device consists of a live data stream function where the current information regarding the vehicle is shown, thus providing real-time data for proper accuracy.

Any vehicle has some particular parts which need the most important and the user needs to know the smallest of details about that.

The four targeted four areas of the vehicle which is the engine, airbag, antilock brakes, and transmission parts which are diagnosed and provided by proper real-time information from this device because of its live data stream function.

Record data and replay option

This is one such option that many of the newer and updated versions of Launch have. There are sometimes any specific types of diagnosis or code read results that need to be stored for future use or for detailed knowledge about that specific issue.

The Launch crp123 has a data recording function through which you can record any specific data from the current scan and view it later for expert opinion or such matter.

As the device has the live data stream function, the data stream can also be recorded and replayed later on as data shown currently.

Diagnosis of a printing facility

Sometimes users might want or need hard copies of the diagnosis. And it is nearly impossible to print any data if the device is not connectable with the computer.

The Launch crp123 is a device that can be connected with the computer and then the saved diagnosis or data can be printed on paper to help with hard copy documentation. The printing process is pretty easy as like any normal document printing.

Supports generic OBD2 codes

Most of the codes that are searched by users in an OBD2 device are present in the Launch crp123. This number of codes help to specify the exact problem of the vehicle or which part of the vehicle needs attention.

This saves a lot more visits to the car repair shops as the owner can be aware of the facts by himself.

Also, the device is also useful for car technicians as they can know about the most essential codes of the vehicle through a single device and get detailed analysis about it which is helpful for vehicle-related professionals.

Vehicle Information Restoration

There is some specific vehicle-related information like VIN, CIN, and CVN, etc.

These are different type of information codes about the vehicle which help to identify different aspects of the vehicle and it parts so that different information for different parts of the vehicle can be easily known and kept in hand while needed most.

This information is provided by the manufacturers usually, but in any case, you misplace this information or can’t find them out, the scanning tool restores them and not only lets you know but also saves them for future reference.

Emission Readiness

There is one of the most needed functions that users want in a scanning device is I/M readiness or emission readiness code functions. Functions like oxygen sensors help to maintain the permitted level of carbon emission.

Sometimes there are issues when the vehicle does not cross the permitted limit of emission, yet the signal keeps blinking. The Launch crp123 also deals with this issue and takes care of it.

DTC Library

Another feature that turns out to be useful for users in any manner is the built-in DTC library. It lessens a lot of dependency on professional help as the user might find out the exact diagnosis even if he/she is not that much experienced in this field.

The DTC library provides information about a different set of codes and their results. Thus, provides in-depth knowledge for even the newest of vehicle users.

Some of the positive and negative sides of the device that we found are,

Final Verdict

Last of all, the device speaks for itself. The device is manufactured by such a company that beliefs in supreme quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

In terms of providing the needed amount of features, this device will surely be one of the popular choices among vehicle users and also professionals. Among many other useful options from this manufacturer, the Launch crp123 is definitely one of the chosen ones.

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