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Innova 3140g Review

Innova 3140g Review – ABS, Live Data Scan Tool & Bluetooth Features

  • Display - 95%
  • ABS and SRS - 97%
  • Battery - 96%


In both versions: Innova 3140g and Innova 3140, the checks engine light and live data option are available. The Bluetooth option is not available the old version 3140



  • Live data
  • Widescreen
  • Accurate results
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Internet assistance
  • LED cable connector
  • Own power backup
  • Easy to use


  • Not compatible with some OBD1 vehicles

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There is a big market of vehicle-related tools and gadgets and a scanner is probably one of those gadgets that make your life a bit easier.

Innova is coming up with newer and advances technology in OBD and OBD2 scanners every now and then, in this Innova 3140g review, you will get to know some basic and practical features of a vehicle scanner, so that you can decide whether this one is the one you want for your vehicle.

Innova 3140g is an Ideal OBD2 scanner that also supports some OBD1 vehicles too. It is compatible with different size vehicles like cars, SUV, mini trucks, and also hybrid vehicles.

This durable yet handy device views different codes about the current vehicle status and also consists of some features that make it an upgraded version.

Innova 3140g Review

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data


Innova is a leading brand considering vehicle gadgets such as scanners. The one great point that brought this company the value and popularity it has is that they continuously try to improve their products and try to bring newer and more practical features to the scanners.

Also, they constantly try to maintain a balance between functionality and adaptability. They come up with products that adapt to new and improved vehicles with newer features.

The Innova scan tool 3140g is also as such product with is a refined and updated version of the Innova 3140 scan tool.

Technical Specification of Innova 3140g Scan Tool & Inova 3140:

FEATURESInnova 3140gInnova 3140
Check engine lightYesYes
ABS and SRSYesYes
LED connectorYesYes
Emission readinessYesYes
USB connectivityYesYes
Live dataYesYes
Weight4.08 pounds3.8 pounds
Battery backupYesYes
Oil light resetYesYes
Dimensions10 x 7.2 x 3.8 inches7.2 x 4 x 10.2 inches

Let’s go through some of the basics for a brief idea about the product.

Live Data

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

The Innova 3140g code reader has a feature called the live data which basically helps you to find data of your vehicle just when you need it. It automatically shows data of the current situation of your vehicle without you having to manually start the scan every time you want to know some specific factors about your vehicle.

Sometimes you find yourself in such a situation where you need a scan but you are in the middle of the road, driving. It such cases, the live data feature comes in handy.

The feature automatically refreshes itself and provides you with up to date information about some of the specs of the vehicle that lets you know an overall idea of it. Thus making this feature one of the most practical and effective features.


Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

The device has Bluetooth connectivity through which you can connect it with your personal computer. Though it also has USB connectivity, as Bluetooth is a wireless feature it somewhat saves the energy of connecting a wire through the device with the PC.

And it is also less time consuming as it can be connected with the computer in just a mere command. This is a feature that is a new addition to the updated version Innova 3140g Bluetooth.

This feature is included in the updated version to provide for flexibility and ease to the users as many other scanning devices have this USB connecting ability. But the Bluetooth feature is a fresh new feature that is offered by newer and updated models like 3140g.

LED Light cable

Another feature in this vehicle is that the plugging cable that connects the device with the vehicle, has LED lights connected at the head of the cable.

Though the feature is not a very technical thing yet, it can very much help you in connecting the device at the right spot. Sometimes, you are in a middle of a road that does not have that much of lighting facilities for some reason, this way you don’t have to hassle with extra lighting to view where you are supposed to put the cable.

Thus saving your precious time also, helping you to concentrate on the road only.

Internet Assistance

As the device is connectable with the PC with the help of either USB or Bluetooth, you can also get assistance from the internet.

All you have to do is connect your device with the computer and go to the website verified by the company and provide some codes that you want a detailed description or solution about.

Also, you can get advice on how much will it cost to repair. This way you can get a lot of information without that much effort. Also, the software can also be updated easily and without any excess expense thought the help of internet connectivity.

DIYs and Professionals

The handling and usage of the device are easy and well understandable. Thus making it suitable for DIYs who want to install and use the device by themselves.

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

The interface of the device is easily understandable for people who are maybe using such a device for the first time. Again, it is also suitable for professional users for detailed analysis and diagnosis of the vehicle or any specific factor of the vehicle.

Therefore, the device can turn out to be useful for both new users who want basic yet important information about the vehicle with the lesser hassle, also for professional users and users who tend to want more detailed information about any specific situation so that they can find the solution without having to discuss it with someone else.

Battery backup

The device also has its own power backup. The device can run through vehicle power as many other devices do.

But in case of no vehicle power, the device has its own battery backup so that you can perform a scan even if there is no available vehicle power or you don’t want to use vehicle power for the device.

This way you can perform a scan any time without worrying about the power source.


The device has a pretty clear and vivid display that shows different codes and analysis clearly. The widescreen provides a better view of the data even if you are on the road, driving.

The bigger screen allows all the necessary specs about the device to be shown at the screen at a time. This way it makes it easier for the user to get to know about different aspects of the vehicle at a single glance.

Again, 3140g has colored display though which the graphs and data can be easily distinguished providing a better overall analysis and diagnosis.

Comparison of 3140 and 3140g Innova

The basic functions of Innova 3140 and 3140g are almost the same. Both devices are efficient enough to provide accurate and timely information about the current status of a device.

There are some basic differences in these two models such as the devices are a bit different in terms of looks. The 3140g has a wider display than that of 3140.

Also, 3140g has a colored display where 3140 is dual-colored. In terms of the functional differences, the 3140g has Bluetooth connectivity that the 3140 does not have.

Final Verdict

The Innova 3140g and 3140 are both a preferable choice as an OBD scanner for your vehicles. Newer models of scanners will apparently have updated features and specifications to cope with newer models of vehicles.

But that doesn’t make the previous version less efficient. Both of the models are worthy enough to be recommended and therefore it is up to your choice preference and your vehicle which model you want to go with.

Hopefully in this Innova 3140g review and also the Innova 3140 review gave you a somewhat idea of the product for you to decide.

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