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Innova 3120 Review

Innova 3120 Review 2020 [Comparison with 3120e & 3120f]

  • Display - 97%
  • Battery - 95%
  • Build Quality - 95%


Innova 3120 has live data and a clear display option. In the updated version: Innova 3120f has Bluetooth facilities that not in old.



  • Check engine light
  • Automatic refresh
  • Memory backup
  • Battery backup
  • Clear display
  • Sturdy structure
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Free software update


  • Needs compatibility testing sometimes

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From different brands that are dedicated to providing quality vehicle-related products the brand called Innova has marked its mark amongst many other brands.

This brief discussion about the Innova 3120 review will lead you towards the elements that have to be there to become a practical and functional car scanning tool.

Innova 3120 Review and Comparison – Latest Version Innova 3120f

INNOVA 3120f Code Scanner - OBD2/ABS...


Car scanning tools nowadays has become a must-have whether you want a general idea of your vehicle or want in-depth knowledge about the problem or situation.

In either way, you will probably find yourself in a need for a good car scanning tool. And the Innova 3120 is probably one of the best ones from the maker Innova.

Technical Specifications and Comparisons with Innova Scan Tool 3120, 3120e & 3020f:

FEATURESInnova 3120Innova 3120eInnova 3120f
Freeze Frame:YesYesYes
OBD1 and OBD2:YesNoYes
Live data:YesYesYes
USB connectivity:YesYesYes
Oil light reset:YesYesNo
Battery backup:YesYesYes
Color Screen:NoYesYes
Weight:2 pounds3.5 pounds2.5 pounds
Dimensions:2.5 x15x10.5 inches7.4x 5.5x10.7 inches10 x7.2x3.8 inches


After Innova 3120 there were two more versions launched they are Innova 3120e and the Innova 3120f.

Though the Innova 3120 is a very compatible and practical device for the vehicle yet the makers decided to bring two more versions of the device but keeping the basic features unchanged as they were the most user attention.

Lest go through some of the basic points which makes this scanner one of the best ones from its kind.

Storage memory

A functional feature of the Innova 3120 scan tool is that it has storage memory for the data you just found out.

There are some situations like this where you are not sure about what the codes or data on your screen actually want to portray, therefore you try to discuss with someone more knowledgeable about this issue than you.

Here is where the storage memory comes in handy. You can store up to a number of different diagnoses for further analysis or even to discuss with anyone else or even to go through the diagnosis later if you feel the need to.

Oil light reset

There is an oil light sign in every up to date vehicle today that shows the inconsistency of vehicle oil functions. This sign is essential to know whether the oil level and other factors regarding oil in the vehicle such as filters as such are in proper order.

But sometimes even if all the functions are well alright, still you might have to face the problem of oil light turned on.

Here’s where a scanning tool comes in place. This model targets the possible problem and then performs solution procedure so that the oil light reset problem doesn’t remain any more.

Functional display

INNOVA 3120f Code Scanner - OBD2/ABS...

It has a clear and vivid display that has an option which is called the all in one screen. In this kind of screen, you are able to view the very important ones among many other data of the vehicle.

Again, the display function of this device called Innova 3120 diagnostic scan tool is very practical.

That is, the screen is wide enough for comfortable viewing also clear enough to see different codes clearly even if the user is on the move.

A moving vehicle needs a tool that does not take that much effort to watch and understand the codes.

The model is one such tool for your vehicle that displays all the essential info clearly before your eyes.

Refreshes every 30 seconds

The device provides up to date information as the device refreshes itself every 30 seconds.

This way you don’t have to worry about manually starting the scanning process every time you want to view any specific information about the vehicle.

The 30 seconds automatic refresh procedure helps you to get only the accurate information as the data is as recent as possible. Thus refreshing two times every minute helps a lot with the information accuracy.

OBD1 and OBD2 compatibility

INNOVA 3120f Code Scanner - OBD2/ABS...

It is hard to find such a scanner which is both OBD1 and OBD2 compatible.

Though the Innova 3120 is an OBD2 device, yet, it can be compatible with some of the models from the OBD1 function too.

Many users have found out that even though they bought the device for their OBD2 vehicle, they tried it on some OBD1 vehicle too to check compatibility and the device turned out to be compatible with some of the OBD1 vehicles too.

Emission test

Another issue or code that drivers often saw worried about is the emission readiness test. The engine needs to be in a proper situation every time so that the amount of emission is not above the standard level.

Again there are situations where the emission is under the standard level only but still, the sign shows blinking.

This model deals with this situation too and helps to clear the trouble codes without making the user go through excess trouble.

Upgradable software

It has a lifetime free update. That means, when you buy this device then you are free from worries until the device is in proper form considering the software update issue.

You don’t have to pay excess for the update of software as the software updates are very crucial for the compatibility with newer vehicles and their newer features.

You can get this update free every time without any extra hassle.

Suitable for beginners

The device is suitable enough for the users who have less to no knowledge about the perfect car scanners and how they perform. The user can install it pretty easily also does not face too many issues like this where they do not have any kind of idea about what is shown on the screen.

People who have somewhat knowledgeable about the vehicle would eventually be able to handle the device pretty easily.

Thus it makes the Innova 3120 diagnostic scan tool code reader an ideal one for beginning users or inexperienced users in this field.

Alternative power source

The device has alternative power backup to help you with the scanning procedure anytime even if there is no power available from the car or in such situations where the device is not connected with the vehicle itself.

There are two additional battery options for the device to use the alternative power for additional use.

This way no matter what the situation or circumstances are, you can always be ready and get your hands on the exact information you need.

Sturdy grip design

A handheld device has to be enough strong and sturdy to absorb daily activities and regular rough uses. The Innova3120 is undoubtedly one of such device.

The device is equipped with a sturdy grip with a comfortable hold so that the users do not face any kind of discomfort while holding the device during a drive and getting the exact information they want.

End Thoughts

The Innova 3120 has made its impression amongst many vehicle users, owners, professional drivers, or people who are recruited to fix cars and vehicles.

Every feature of this device is defined for acquiring the exact and clear information about the device but also within the expected frame of time.

Not only is the device easy enough to be comfortable within the hands of many newbie’s but it also is detailed enough for proper and accurate results for the professional’s in-depth knowledge about the issue.

his compact yet powerful device surely has the features and durability that makes it worth buying.

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