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Innova 3100j Review

Innova 3100j Review 2020 (Multi-language Facility Diagnostic Scan Tool)

  • Automatic refresh - 94%
  • USB connectivity - 96%
  • Build Quality - 95%


For the backlight and USB connectivity, the Innova 3100j diagnostic code reader scan tool is superb. The automatic refresh is also available and the emission lights function made this device awesome.



  • Wider display
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatic refresh
  • Emission test
  • Freeze frame
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Multi-language facility
  • Backlight
  • USB connectivity


  • Did not find anyone

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Coming up with new and innovative products every time, makes Innova the brand it is today.

Like other scanners from Innova, the Innova scan tool 3100j is also an innovative and useful product and you will get to know the basics of the product later on in this Innova 3100j review.

This is an ODB2 vehicle scanner that lets you know about the basic part of your vehicle and whether the vehicle is in proper order for the drive.

Innova 3100j Review

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

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A vehicle scanner is one such tool or gadget that you just cannot ignore having. For the proper maintenance of your vehicle, the need for an OBD2 vehicle scanner is a lot more that we expect to understand.

And one of such scanner is the Innova 3100j, which is an updated and more practically functioned scanner than the previous ones.

This is actually an upgraded version of the 3100 which is also a well-known model because of its functionality yet, the vehicles and its models change through time very frequently thus, we need more upgraded scanners to cope up properly.

Technical Specifications of Innova 3100j Check Engine Code Reader Scan Tool:

FEATURESInnova 3100j
Freeze FrameYes
USB ConnectivityYes
Emission testYes
Check engine lightYes
Automatic refreshYes
Battery alternator testYes
Weight1.01 pounds
Dimensions10 x 8 x 1.5 inches
Back lightYes


Let us know more about the Innova 3100j and some of its appreciate able features,


If you have an OBD2 vehicle than this scanner would probably be adaptable to your vehicle, as the scanner is adaptable to almost all the OBD2 vehicles.

It is said by the manufacturers that form the models from 1996 since today it is adaptable to all OBD2 vehicles whether the vehicle is foreign or domestic.

Talking about the vehicle size, the Innova 3100j is adaptable with various sizes of vehicles like cars, SUVs, mini trucks, etc.

Also, its installation and use are pretty much understandable for an average user so most of the vehicle owners can adapt to it pretty easily.

Thus making it adaptable not only for the vehicle itself but for also the users of the vehicle too.

Display functionality

The Innova 3100j has a wide display and colored screen which helps in understanding different codes even better.

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you are driving and there is not that much light but you need to scan your vehicle immediately to find out something.

To help you through this situation the Innova 3100j has the backlight on the screen. This way you can perform a car scan any time without worrying about the appropriate light.

Also whilst driving you need a wider display so that view the codes and diagnosis better. And the Innova 3100j has all these possibilities together.

Looks and design

Any device that is supposed to be handheld needs to be handy enough that does not create any type of discomfort in hands whilst using.

The Innova 3100j is such a device that is made in a compact size that easily fits in your hands and also the ergonomic design makes it easier to use and carry.

Also, being enough compact the device is easy to store in your car.

Bigger and heavier scanning devices can be quite a hassle to take out every time you are done with scanning but the Innova 3100j is made keeping this issue in mind, thus it is up to your decision whether you want to keep the device in the car or want to only take to the car if you want to scan.

Automatic refresh

The Innova 3100j has a feature called automatic refresh. When plugged in with the vehicle, it can automatically refresh itself every 30 seconds.

This feature is helpful for providing you with accurate results and timely diagnosis.

It is difficult to manually start scanner checkup while you are driving, the automatic refresh feature helps you to concentrate on your driving and automatically show you results of whatever issues you want to check two times in a minute.

Battery alternator test

Innova 3100j has battery alternator tests so that you don’t have to surprisingly stop in the middle of the road while driving without even knowing the reason why and also so that you could be well prepared about your vehicle before starting your journey.

The battery alternator test shows you a brief review of the whole situation of the battery alternator.

You can be well ahead about knowing your vehicle’s current battery alternator condition which helps you in finding out if your car broke down suddenly or even if you just want a proper idea of your vehicle as usual.

Emission lights

Many countries have laws for motorized vehicles that run on fuel that they cannot exceed the standard limit of emission. The Innova 3100j has emission test lights that can help you go through the test without worrying about getting towards the emission limit.

There are functions that are equipped in the device to help you know when you are near the emission level.

This way you are well aware of the emission fact of your vehicle.

Multi-language facility

Mostly English is the language that the whole world is used to in communicating. But, in case of these technical features, if you can understand a lot more easily if the results are in the language you are used to in communicating.

This is the reason why Innova 3100j has three different language facilities. The languages are English, Spanish, and French.

This way you can understand the codes better even English is not the most preferable or comfortable language you are used to with.

User-friendly interface

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

The device is overall a very user-friendly device that can be used by professionals for accurate and detailed results and also by new users who want a basic checkup of their vehicle.

The interface of the device makes it easy to use to new users as the interface itself is very user-friendly and you can see all the necessary points that you need to know for the sake of a proper diagnosis of the vehicle, these important codes are viewed at the screen at a time.

So keeping in mind the interface itself, it can be considered as a properly used friendly device for your vehicle.

Quality material

From the look and feel of the device, you can definitely realize that the device is made out of good quality material that ensures durability to the device. For a device that is essential for your vehicle’s well being, it needs to be durable enough to perform for a long period of time.

If the device frequently faces trouble while you are using it then there can be chances of misinformation about the scan.

But in the case of Innova 3100j, you can skip this worry as well as the device is made out of quality material that ensures you both durability and accuracy.

Time and cost-saving

The device can save you both time and money in terms of your device. To be more specific, you will have to spend less on car repair and also you probably would not need long hectic appointments to your vehicle garage to find out the exact problem of your vehicle.

This way you will know specifically where the problem of your vehicle lies, that will save you time and you don’t have to get your vehicle checked manually thus saving you money.

Final Verdict

The Innova 3100j is one of the scanners from Innova that you would want to own if you want a proper diagnosis of your vehicle.

Apart from these special features and specs discussed in this Innova 3100j review that makes it different from many other brands and models, there are many features that are common as the previous models but these features in total make the device worth spending money on.

If you want an effective practical and accurate option for your vehicle, this might turn out the gadget you want to get in your hands.

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