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Innova 3100i Review

Innova 3100i Review 2020 (Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool)

  • Display - 98%
  • Battery - 97%
  • Build Quality - 95%


Innova 3100i diagnostic scan tool has a wider screen with a compact design. The battery and alternator indicator option made this scan tool more professional.



  • Compatible with most OBD2 vehicles
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for both professionals and new users
  • Freeze frame function
  • Battery and alternator indicator
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Accurate results
  • Assistance from website
  • The bigger and wider screen


  • Some users face difficulty when connecting with computer

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Markets today have come across different models of OBD1 and OBD2 scanners that according to the vehicle type show the current situation of the vehicle.

Innova 3100i is also as such scanner which supports OBD2 vehicles.

This Innova 3100i review will provide you with the necessary information about this device and the practical and unique features that makes it one of the best from Innova.

Innova 3100i Review

INNOVA 3040d Diagnostic Code Reader/Scan...

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Innova is a well-known brand amongst four-wheeler motorized vehicle owners who need a proper scanning of their vehicle.

One of the fact about Innova that makes it a popular brand is they continuously improve themselves by analyzing a particular model which is already available in the market and making proper improvements and then coming up with a better model than that.

The Innova 3100i is one of such models, which has been improved from the model 3100.

Technical specifications of Innova 3100i Diagnostic Code Reader:

FEATURESInnova 3100i
Freeze Frame
Check engine light Yes
Emission readinessYes
USB connectivityYes
Live dataNo
Weight 1.14 pounds
Battery/alternator testYes
Oil light reset
Dimensions12.2 x 8.2 x 2.5 inches
Display 2.8 inches

A brief discussion about the product and its significantly specific attributes are provided below.

User convenience

The Innova 3100i is an easy to use tool for recent OBD scanner users. The user interface of the Innova 3100i is very user-friendly and convenient to understand.

The codes are shown on the screen are easily understandable and most of the important and key codes are shown on the screen at a time.

INNOVA 3040d Diagnostic Code Reader/Scan...

Thus, makes this scanner a very convenient option. Users who want a proper knowledge about their vehicles, but don’t want to go through tough and critical diagnostic results can avail this scanner easily.

New users tend to search for such products that they will not have much trouble in using and understanding for the first time. Innova has kept this fact in mind and these shows in most of the scanning tools Innova.

Most of the scanning tools from the maker Innova are user-friendly without compromising the actual and accurate results. The Innova 3100i is not separate from other models in this manner. So, new users can use this scanning tool with ease.

Suitable for professionals

Innova brand is known for its accurate prompt results. Professional users need good quality tools for them to know the exact position of a vehicle.

So that they can find out the actual problem and find out solutions to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The Innova 3100i not only is suitable for new users for its convenient use but also the results are properly accurate which makes it suitable for both new users and professionals.

New users want some basic knowledge and data about the vehicle but professionals who are assigned to find out any specific problem or disfunction of a vehicle and finding solutions to solve it, need more than just specific information about the vehicle.

The Innova 3100i provides graphs and codes about different aspects of the vehicles and it’s part.

This makes it one of the better options amongst many other scanning devices in the market which is helpful not only for DIY users but also for professionals working in the car repair shop or garage etc.

Web assistance

The Innova 3100i is also connectable with your personal computer with the help of USB.  Through connecting with the computer you can access the web portal.

The web portal fed with different vehicle-related issues that can be solved by connecting with the device and analyzing different codes.

This way it is easier for users who are facing any specific trouble about the vehicle’s diagnosis in general or want to know in detail about any diagnosis of the vehicles at that moment.

All you need to do is connect your device with your computer and access the web portal; you can find different kinds of technical solutions and suggestions from professionals.

This feature is helpful for those who sometimes tend to get confused about any specific set of codes and want a detailed description of it.

Also through USB connectivity, you can update the device regularly without any extra costing or charge.

Freeze frame

The Innova 3100i has a freeze-frame option like many other models from Innova. The freeze-frame feature allows you to capture a particular set of codes of your vehicle’s current situation.

Sometimes, you get confused about any code or want to discuss it with a more knowledgeable person or any professional. But if you don’t have the specific codes in hand, it can be a bit confusing to focus on the actual results.

In such circumstances, the freeze-frame feature comes useful.

When you are on the move you get a set of codes or a specific diagnosis that is not that much understandable to you, you can use to freeze-frame option to capture it and use it later.

This sometimes helps you in situations where the same sort of issues occurs again and again and you want a permanent solution for that.

Battery Indicator

The wellbeing of a battery and alternator of a vehicle is very crucial and needs to be checked regularly.

The Innova 3100i has a special function of battery and alternator test that helps to provide accurate results of the battery’s current situation.

If a battery of a vehicle does not work properly, the vehicle can collapse any time that can lead to an unwanted and irritating stoppage of your journey.

If you are well aware of the battery’s and alternator’s health prior you start the journey that might save you from unwanted hassles. Also, the device indicates when you face any kind of trouble with the battery or the alternator.

Thus, you do not need to search for problems when your vehicle somehow turns off as you the device shows you exactly where the problem lies.


The Innova 3100i is made out of great quality material which makes it very durable and almost time-proof. The device offers you continuous service without any maintenance or repairing for a very long period of time.

Tools that are included in your personal vehicle need to be in proper shape and have to perform well or else the regular visit to car repair shops can turn out to be quite a hassle for the users.

But in the case of the Innova 3100i diagnostic scan tool, you will not find yourself in this situation as the quality and service of the product makes it durable for a very long period of time without causing you constant trouble.

Final Verdict

The Innova 3100i is a great option for both skilled professionals for its accurate and prompt results and is also preferable to users who have lesser knowledge in this field and want a proper yet easy diagnosis.

Compatible with most of the OBD2 vehicles, this device can be used for cars, mini trucks and also SUV vehicles. Through continuous improvements, the brand called Innova comes across newer and more functional models for user’s convenience.

The Innova 3100i is also one of such model. With our accurate results and practical functions, it can definitely be a choice that anyone can suggest for.

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