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Innova 3040 Review

Innova 3040 Review 2020 – Live Data Diagnostic Scan Tool

  • Live Data - 95%
  • Battery - 96%
  • Build Quality - 94%


Innova 3040 obd2 scan tool with live data featured. The additional power backup and auto-refresh function are excellent inventions of the device.

The advantages and disadvantages are briefly provided below,



  • Live data and freeze frame
  • Additional power backup
  • Accurate reading
  • Sturdy and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Can provide data in three languages
  • Auto-refresh function


  • Some prefer the updated version more

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Innova is a leading name in vehicle tools for scanning and diagnosis. They specialize in tools for mainly four-wheeler vehicles which also include heavy and medium vehicles.

The Innova 3040 diagnostic scan tool is also one of Innova’s most talked about OBD scanners. In this Innova 3040 review, a short description of the product will be provided that includes the necessary information about the scanner.

Innova 3040 Review with Update Version Innova 3040e

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data


Every motorized vehicle needs a scanning tool for regular and proper checkups of the condition of the vehicle. The Innova 3040 is specially designed for OBD2 vehicles that show different aspects of the position of the vehicle by viewing and analyzing different codes.

It is a cost-effective and easy to use option even for those who are new in using and handling vehicle scanning devices.

Technical Specification of Innova Scan Tool 3040 & Innova 3040e

FEATURESInnova 3040Innova 3040e
Freeze FrameYesYes
Automatic refreshYesYes
DTC SeverityNoYes
USB connectivityYesYes
Live dataYesYes
Weight4 ounces9.1 ounces
Battery backupYesYes
Oil light resetNoYes
Dimensions7.5 x 1.6 x 10.7 inches7.5 x 1.8 x 10.6 inches

After the launch of Innova 3040, the producers came upon a newer and refined version of the Innova 3040 which they names as Innova 3040e.

It has all the functions that the Innova 3040 obd2 scan tool has but slightly modified and refined.

There are mostly similarities between these two products and the basic dissimilarities will be discussed later on in this Innova 3040 review for your convenience.

Let go through some of the key important features of the Innova 3040 which makes it one of the attractive option between other scanners,


Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

The Innova 3040 is compatible with most of the OBD2 vehicles which are both local and foreign.

The vehicles which were produced in 1996 and after that time period, this scanning tool can make a diagnosis of such kinds of vehicles.

So, it can be said that most of the OBD2 vehicles during this period of time can be easily accessible to this tool.

Size of the vehicle

Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

Considering the size of the vehicle, the Innova 3040 can scan from mini trucks to SUV vehicles and cars obviously. The size and type of vehicle will not be a problem for this scanner.

From small vehicles to medium-sized vans, this tool can provide you with accurate results instantly.

Looks and design

Talking about its looks and design, the Innova 3040 has an ergonomic design with easy to grip shape. A tool that is supposed to be handheld during its whole procedure; needs to be sturdy as well as lightweight.

So that the user doesn’t feel any discomfort using it using one hand only. Also as a vehicle is definitely a moving object the scanning tool needs to be in such a shape that is easy to hold and grip, without having the fear of it falling off.

The Innova 3040 gives you that amount of comfort on your hand while scanning your vehicle.


Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live Data

Now let’s come to its functionality. The Innova 3040 refreshes itself every 30 seconds. This helps in getting the exact data from the moment you want to know your vehicle’s current situation.

This way an exact diagnosis of the vehicle can be found. While on the go you might want to know any specific data about your vehicle.

This can be easily done because of its auto-refresh functions two times in a minute.

live data

Not only it has live data option to show you data even when your vehicle is on the move, but also it has the freeze-frame feature.

This feature helps you to capture the track of a particular data on the screen that you can, later on, view or even show a person who you want to take suggestions from.

The freeze frame option helps in the diagnosis of a specific problem even after a while it occurred.

Variety of usage

Regardless of its wide variety of usage, it has is very cost-effective. The Innova 3040 has many different features including different coding to help you with providing you with the exact results and also, many different aspects of the vehicle can be found out through this one tool.

Considering all these facilities the Innova 3040 can be said as a pocket-friendly option.

With the same cost as others, the Innova 3040 probably gives you a better number of facilities than other ones.


Even though the Innova 3040 is connected with the vehicle itself but it has its own power backup.

When there is accidentally no power in the vehicle or you can scan the vehicle even when the engine is off, you can do that because the tool has external battery power that is powered up to a pretty long time.

So you can have the luxury to scan your vehicle whenever you want whether there is engine power or not.


The interface through which the Innova 3040 works is very user-friendly and easily accessible. Anyone who has even a limited knowledge about car parts and codes can understand the interface pretty easily.

This is very much useful for users who are new in handling scanning tools for vehicles. The interface provides all the necessary information on the screen at the same time. Thus providing user comfort.


The device does not need any complicated installation procedure. All you need to do is plug in the device with the vehicle and it almost does everything by itself.

When you are in a hurry to scan your vehicle very soon, there is no troublesome procedure of your interface identification.

It doesn’t take too much time to prepare itself to be ready to scan the vehicle and provide proper and accurate data.


Another useful feature of this product is that it does not work in a specific language only. Other than the language English, the interface can be also run in French and Spanish.

Thus making it a lot easier for users who are not that good in English or want to understand the diagnosis even more clearly.

Most of the people are comfortable in English usually but the two other language option makes it helpful for non-English speaking users, as the interface needs to be understood properly to get a firm knowledge and exact idea of the codes or else misjudgment can lead to improper diagnosis.

Comparison with Innova 3040e

The Innova 3040e is a better version of the old one that is the Innova 3040. There isn’t any drastic difference between these two versions.

The most significant difference amongst these two versions is that the newer version which is the Innova 3040e is more sturdy and compact in design.

It’s easier to handle and as a handheld device, the design is much more ergonomic than the Innova 3040 to make it easier for the users to use it with one hand. Moreover, there are some specific features that the Innova 3040e has other than the Innova 3040.

For example, the Innova 3040e has DTC severity, which makes it a tad more updated and up to date than the previous version. Another feature that the newer version has is the Innova 3040e can reset the oil light situation that the old version cannot.

This might not be a very important feature but it definitely has an impact on whether the vehicle starts properly or not.

Final Verdict

After all the technical and non-technical discussion in this Innova 3040 review, the important and practical features of this model are easily understandable.

This is a cost-effective option and also using it is very convenient even for newer users in this field. This OBD2 scanner is definitely one of the best ones amongst its kinds and can be suggested to anyone easily.

for the price it is sold at, probably this one has the most features and functions rather than its comparers. Thus making it one of the user satisfied model from Innova.

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