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Innova 3030 Review

Innova 3030 Review 2020 (An Efficient Diagnostic Scan Tool)

  • USB connectivity - 95%
  • Automatic refresh - 96%
  • Build Quality - 94%


Innova 3030 scan tool has USB connect ability and the automatic refresh option, This option made this device more user friendly. The update version: Innova 3030h is more comfortable for DTC Severity.



  • Compatible with OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic refresh
  • Freeze frame
  • Multilingual
  • USB connect ability
  • Durable material
  • Accurate results


  • Some users prefer the newer version.

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Vehicles well being and proper functionality depend on a number of different things. And these things need to be taken care of properly.

For this, you need a tool that guides your way towards the problematic zones of the vehicle. This tool is also called an OBD scanner.

Innova is a leading brand in card parts. They have marketed different models of OBD scanners previously and currently.

They make continuous improvements in their products so that they can cope with the latest technological advancements.

One of their popular OBD scanners is the Innova 3030.

A Super Diagnostic Scan Tool Innova 3030 Review

Innova 3030h OBD2 Scanner / Car Code...


This scanner has the right amount of features that are required to know about specific problems of car parts also having a proper diagnosis of it.

In this Innova 3030 review, we’ll try to give you somewhat knowledgeable about the product so that you can consider it a choice for your vehicle.

Technical Specifications of Innova Scan Tool 3030:

FEATURESInnova 3030Innova 3030h
Check Engine LightYesYes
Freeze FrameYesYes
Emissions ReadinessYesYes
DTC SeverityNoYes
Automatic refreshYesYes
DisplayBlack and whitecolored
USB connectivityYesYes
Weight6.4 ounce6.2 ounces
Software updatesYesYes
10 x 6.5 x 2 inches2 x 5.5 x 8 inches
All in one screen YesYes

The Newer Version is here

Comparison with Update Version: Innova 3030h

The Innova 3030h is a newer and refined version of the Innova 3030 diagnostic scan tool. The newer version that is the Innova 3030h has a lot more similarities than differences from the Innova 3030h.

The main noticeable difference between these two is that their looks. The Innova 3030 has a single color that is blue and the Innova 3030h has two colors, blue and black, with a more elegant shape.

This makes it look a bit trendier than the previous one. The Innova 3030h has a wider screen than the Innova 3030.

Also, the Innova 3030 has black and white display whereas the Innova 3030h display is colored.

The Innova 3030h also has an additional feature called the DTC severity which stands for Diagnostic Trouble Code.

This helps in a clearer understanding of the codes. Thus, makes the Innova 3030h, the newer version a bit more superior than the previous one.

Lest go through some of its key features in brief first,

Innova 3030h OBD2 Scanner / Car Code...


Some scanners are compatible with OBD1 and some are with OBD2. But the Innova 3030 is compatible with both OBD1 and most of the OBD2 vehicles.

So no matter your device is an OBD1 vehicle or an OBD2, you can use this device for almost all of them. Again, other than only cars, the Innova 3030 is compatible with mini trucks, vans, SUV vehicles also.


The Innova 3030 is made up of quality materials and is proven to provide support for a long period of time without any interruptions. The product if connected properly can perform year after year without any major technical difficulties.

Most of its readings are accurate and almost error-free. All the Innova tools including this one are tested many times to test how much pressure they can take. Thus, this scanner will definitely provide you results for a long period of time.


The tool is very convenient is using. Both new users and professionals can use this device easily. The device can be used and understood easily and even if there is any sort of confusion that has risen, the instruction manual says it all that which codes refer to what.

Thus there is no longer any major confusion regarding the device. Also, considering the connecting issue, the connection is process is also very easy that anyone can easily understand.

Like other plug and play devices, this device just needs to be connected properly with the car and then it will run pretty much smoothly.


The device is very efficient in its task. The codes are almost error-free and target the key problems of the vehicle. The device performs efficiently by analyzing the key issues and thus providing accurate codes for it.

The codes define which area of the vehicle is affected and needs to be checked. The codes themselves also are easily understandable. Therefore there is no to fewer chances or errors.

Automatic refresh

The Innova 3030 has this amazing unique feature called the automatic refresh feature.

This is basically a process where the system refreshes itself after every certain period of time which is mostly not a long time so that the results are to the point and on time.

Sometimes you need to check the overall situation of your vehicle while you are on the go.

In this kind of situation, the automatic refresh feature comes handy. Thus you don’t have to manually search every time.

Freeze frame

Another unique feature of the Innova 3030 is the freeze-frame. The freeze-frame feature helps to capture any specific time of the whole scanning process that can be viewed later for detailed diagnosis.

Sometimes you need to capture a specific situation of your vehicle or you might want to see the scan later on or even, even if you want to diagnose the codes even further so that you can find detailed descriptions of the problem.

In this sort of case, the freeze-frame feature helps a lot.

External power source

The Innova 3030 does not run completely on engine power. It has an additional power source. The power comes from the battery that is external to the vehicle.

When there is a power failure or there is no power at that specific time, the device can run as it does not depend on the engine’s power rather than it uses its own power source.


The Innova 3030 is compact in size that can fit in your palm easily without having any problem to hold it. The compact size also makes it convenient to use and also to place it anywhere possible. Thus making it one of the many other practice features of it.

Computer connect ability

The Innova 3030 comes with USB connectivity that helps it to get connected with any personal computer.

This connection with PCs is necessary because there is a system update that needs to be done after every certain period of time. You can connect the device with the help of USB, go to the website, and easily update the software without any additional charge.

This makes the device even more capable to cope with newer versions of vehicles.

Multi-language facility

Some people find it difficult to understand the scan if it is not in a language that they are not that much familiar with.

The multi-language feature helps to deal with such situations.

The device can provide its diagnosis in three different languages. These are English, French, and Spanish.

herefore makes less confusion in understanding the issues.

Final Verdict

The Innova 3030 is a perfect tool for any vehicle. For a proper diagnosis of your vehicle, it is very necessary to have such a tool that gives an overall idea of what your vehicle’s current situation is.

This model has all the latest and practice features that are compatible with most of the vehicles.

You can use it both with OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. Also, it is so much convenient to use that any new users can use it. Also, it is detailed enough to give a broad idea of the issue to professionals.

We hope this Innova 3030 review will give a brief idea of the product so that you get a proper idea of it to decide about it being a part of your vehicle.

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