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10 Best Autel Scanner Reviews 2020: Aware Pick of Autel Scan Tool

Maintaining the car’s health has reached an extent where people are literally ready to spend hundreds of dollars to get it fixed in case of breakdown.

So, I thought of let you know about the best autel scanner, something that might be able to save you some money from being wasted. If you are familiar with OBD2 scanners, then you must’ve heard the name of Autel, one of the excellent OBD2 scanners manufacturers you will be seeing around.

But they have not gifted with one or two products but a lot more than that. So, I have made a list of the top Autel code reader to help you to get your next scanning tool and I’ll make sure that your money doesn’t go in vain.

Most Popular 10 Best Autel Scanner Comparison Chart


Best Autel Scanner Reviews 2020


01. Autel Full System Scanner MD802 Maxidiag Elite Diagnoses

The first one on my list the Autel Full System Scanner MD802 and trust me, this has within more than you are thinking. This piece of tech is considered as one of the best OBD2 scanners introduced by Autel.

It has all the relevant features that you are going to need for ensuring proper diagnosis of the vehicle.

Along with reading and clearing trouble codes, another aspect that makes this scanner as a highly appreciating device is its compatibility for European, domestic and Asian vehicles that came up after 1996.

Apart from its operation with the engine, ABS and SRS, it is completely capable of running full OBD2 diagnostics.

Not only that but it is a feature of special reset service like live data, retrieving I/M readiness status, Freeze frame, etc. Other features that are worth mentioning of this scanner are DTC Lookup, O2 monitor test, component test.

Moreover, two of the best features that I must put on the list is on board monitor test and viewing vehicle information.

What has made it as one of the best scanners around is its wide vehicle coverage. Not only that, but it also has access to the aspects of the vehicle like power train, chassis, body, etc.


  • Convenient to use for most of the vehicle models.
  • Portable to anywhere around due to lightweight.
  • It contains the feature of full OBD2 diagnosis.
  • Good at finding parking distance control system errors.


  • Not a good choice, if you are looking for something, works remotely.


02. Autel Scanner Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

If you are looking for a smart scanner, then you can choose the Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool from the Autel scanner with closed eyes.

This great-looking OBD2 scanner doesn’t only contain a lucrative design but also features that are of greater use.

This scanner contains the Auto VIN technology that is capable of identifying vehicles at once along with scanning the Electric Control Unit, get all the vehicle info required and run the diagnosis on the systems that user selects.

The aspect that I consider as the most impressive one is its capability of scanning problems of more than 80 car manufacturers that include renowned brands like Ford, Audi, BMW, etc.

It performs the complete diagnostic & analysis which includes the lived data, actuation test, and other relevant aspects as well. What has made it more convenient as a device is it is easy to use.

If you are comfortable with a smartphone or tab, then you bet that it will be equally satisfying and easy to operate. It 8.0” LED touch screen gets you a bigger view of the operation and with its one-touch navigation menu, it is smooth and simpler than ever.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • One-touch navigation menu helps to get hands-on the operation quickly.
  • 5000 mAh better renders long-lasting performance.
  • Getting the update is less of a hassle.


  • A bit of igher price in comparison with the regular scanners.


03. Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool (Upgraded Version of MS908P Pro)

The next great piece of tech that I am going to tell you about is the Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool (Upgraded Version of MS908P Pro). Among the Autel scanners, it is the perfect combination of efficiency and excellence.

This scanner contains the NVIDIA Tegra”4 Quad-Core processor 1.8HGz. It ensures faster speed in the operation of the scanner and performs a quick diagnosis. The most amazing part over here is its capability of running the diagnosis within 20 seconds only.

It is one of the smartest scanners you will be seeing in the market. It includes some great functions like reading VIN automatically, one-click upgrade along with Autel Cloud Technology.

Moreover, it comes with OE-level functionality that is perfectly operational over most of the OBD1/OBD2 protocols. Along with that its enhanced wireless connectivity with the VCI ensures convenience in using it.

This powerful piece of tech is capable of completing online ECU programming for brands like BMW and Benz along with all the system diagnosis.


  • Ensures accuracy in completing full diagnoses.
  • Over specific control modules, its coding functions are very helpful in coding and programming them.
  • The Anti-theft matching maximizes the vehicle’s security.
  • Easy to use and due to being lightweight, it is quite easy to carry anywhere.


  • It is not the best tool for professional users but works quite well for the regular ones.


04. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Like their other OBD2 scanners, Autel has given its best effort to make the MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool as one of their best and succeed to a greater extent. They have brought major features for the regular users that they will find highly helpful.

The major feature that has made it an exceptionally efficient scanner its IMMO function. It ensures the protection of your ride from getting stolen.

You might be thinking about how. The answer is, it clears and programs the new key, so the previous becomes useless and your car can’t be stolen with that.

Moreover, it has the TPMS service. It lets the user relearn TPMS sensor along with getting the replaced one restored.

Like all other OBD2 scanners, Autel has ensured the wide range of vehicle compatibility on this one as well. It literally covers more than 50 brands from Asia, Europe, and the US region.

Most of the renowned brands that we usually see around are highly compatible with this device. Along with complete diagnostic functions as Live data in both text graph, reading and clearing codes, it offers other superior features like OLS/EPB/SAS/DPF/BMS service, etc.


  • Protects the car from getting stolen.
  • Extremely lightweight that makes it easy to carry.
  • The bigger display provides an elaborated view of the data.
  • 32G memory gives extra aid to the diagnosis and its speed.


  • Some of the cars/vehicles may need a special adaptor for using that Scanner.


05. Autel MaxiDiag MD806 (Combination of MaxiCheck Pro and MD802)

Sometimes one is better than two and in the case of Autel MaxiDiag MD806 (Combination of MaxiCheck Pro and MD802) its truer than ever.

This OBD2 scanner of Autel has proved its efficiency in every possible aspect with a view get the user the perfect scanning experience of their ride and that is why it is on my list of Autel Scanner Reviews.

The first aspect that is worth mentioning in this scanner is the five major service functions that are highly essential for any car.

The five service functions are Oil reset, SAS, EPB, DPF, BMS. Another function that has added an extra edge to this machine is the Throttle an Adjust A/F function, which is considered as one of the most effective functions that a scanner can contain.

Like the other Autel scanners supports a huge number of car models from renowned brands and that includes European, Asian and US-based brands as well. Along with that, all OBD2 protocols and all the ten test modes are supported by this model.

The feature of Auto Scan in this vehicle can be highly useful under certain circumstances. The four systems including engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission.

The user free to retrieve the vehicle diagnostic information like event codes, trouble codes along with live data. The Auto Scan system goes through the ECU of the car with a view to detect fault systems and get the DTCs retrieved.


  • Auto Scan System finds out the fault system within a short time.
  • All the OBD2 functions are supported by it.
  • The device is quite handy to use.
  • It has a sturdy construction that protects it from impact.


  • A little heavier than some other models of Autel.


06. Autel Scanner MaxiCheck Pro Auto Bleed Diagnostic Tool

If you are a person that is looking for sturdiness along with effectiveness and efficiency in a scanner, then Autel has an answer for you and that is the Autel Scanner MaxiCheck Pro Auto Bleed Diagnostic Tool.

Autel focuses on something exceptional in every scanner they launch and the have attempted the same with the Autel Scanner MaxiCheck Pro Auto Bleed Diagnostic Tool.

The one aspect as an exceptional one I’d like to tell you about on this one is its Brake Auto Bleed Function. It lets the user check out the operating conditions of the car’s Anti-lock braking system which includes the Automated Bleeding.

What happens here is the ABS Braking bleeding allows the user to bleed air out of the ABS module. The result is, saving in both time and money. But you can only do it when the vehicle is programmed for auto-bleeding.

One thing that usually doesn’t need to be said about the Autel scanners is they have wide range vehicle compatibility and there is no exception on that one for this scanner as well.

The other functions that the scanner is capable of performing are reading and erasing codes, Live Data, Freeze frame, Retrieve I/M readiness status, component test, viewing vehicle information, etc.


  • The scanner is highly convenient to use.
  • Getting it updated is very easy.
  • Sturdy and well-constructed design.
  • Renders accurate results.


  • Heavier than most of the Autel scanners, but yet quite handy.


07. Autel AL619 Autolink Engine/ABS/SRS OBD2 Scanner

The next one on my list of is Autel Scanner Reviews is the Autel AL619 Autolink Engine/ABS/SRS OBD2 Scanner. Like the other scanners of Autel, this piece of tech has also left a good impression over its users.

The major features of this scanner are the ABS/SRS diagnostic function and there is no need to explain newly how essential it is to have these in any of the OBD2 scanners.

These features are basically used for retrieving and clearing codes from the ABS/SRS systems of your vehicle.

Not only that, but it is capable of defining all the codes with a view to render help to diagnose the problem areas, especially for turning on the Malfunction Indicator Light.

It can run that function for most of the vehicle models that are from 1996 to afterward.

It also has the OBD II Diagnostic function with a fast access option, through which it lets the user check on the engine status with a quick test.

The other relevant features of this tool are reading and erasing code, Freeze Frame, Live data, Retreivine I/M Readiness Status, modules present, DTC Lookup, etc.


  • Easy to perform AbsSrs.
  • Has a wide vehicle coverage with major brands from different regions like Europe, Asia, and the US.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to use and handy at the same time.


  • Not all vehicles are compatible with this tool.


08. Autel AutoLink AL519 OBDII/EOBD Scanner

Autel AutoLink AL519 OBDII/EOBD Scanner is considered one of the best scanners of the brand so far. Obviously, it didn’t make it that far only with its look but with something more than that.

It is a highly efficient OBD2 scanner that has been made in a way that anyone can use it for scanning their car as it is highly convenient to use. Moreover, it supports all the 10 Mode that you are going to need to run a complete diagnosis.

Some of the mentionable features that tool is containing within are One-click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display along with the built-in speaker.

If I tell you about it in short words, then the two words that come in my mind are power and affordability. This piece of tech is good at doing its job faster.

Not only that, but it also helps technicians with thousands of troubleshooter code-tips which are considered as highly useful when it comes to diagnosis and repairing of the vehicle.

This scan tool from the Autel scanners is capable of retrieving information of the vehicle manufacturer and that includes CIN, VIN, and CVN as well. Due to being a scanner of compact and portable design, the user can take it anywhere with him/her.


  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • Saves time with providing troubleshooter code tips.
  • The design is quite user-friendly and commendable.
  • Ensures fast and accurate diagnosis.


  • This one is not compatible with all kinds of cars.


09. Autel Maxisys MS906BT Bluetooth Automotive Diagnostic Tool

If you prefer smarter gadgets for your car, then I think you will love the Autel Maxisys MS906BT Bluetooth Automotive Diagnostic Tool. With this tool, Autel has given an effort to make it one of their best products and that is why it made its place in my Scanner Reviews.

One of the best things about this tool is it supports both of the communication methods and both of them are Wireless Bluetooth & USB.

Most of the people he Bluetooth pairing between the tablet and the VCI which is for obvious reason recommended the most. Autel has ensured that the Bluetooth communication range is good enough and the range is 164 feet that are about 50 meters.

So, it makes things easier for you and you can keep working with the tool even if you are walking around within the garage premise. Another option you can use is the USB cable connection that gets you connected promptly.

Some of the major features that Autel has offered through highly advanced scanning tool are Bi-directional control, ECU coding, Oil reset service, Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS), Electric Parking Brake, ABS/SRS, SAS, etc.

If it comes to the other external aspects of this tool, then it has a 7-inch display that gets the enlarged view of the data. Along with that, it has the Exynos 5260 6 core processor, which makes it operate faster.


  • The Bluetooth pairing makes it easy to control it remotely.
  • It contains a strong battery for longer performance.
  • 32 GB storage renders enough space to gather more data.
  • Renders accurate data even in wireless mode.


  • The only drawback it has a heavier weight.


10. Autel Scanner MaxiCheck Pro for ABS Brake Auto Bleeding OBD2 Scan Diagnostic Tool

You can call the Autel Scanner MaxiCheck Pro for ABS Brake Auto Bleeding OBD2 Scan Diagnostic Tool one of the best gifts to the scanner’s world from Autel. For professionals, this tool can be a game-changer.

This scanning tool comes with the features like reading & erasing codes, On-board Monitor test, Component test, O2 Monitor Test, I/M readiness, Live Data, DTC Lookup. Like most of the other Autel scanners, this one is compatible with vehicle models from 1996 and after.

There are some special functions that are contained by this piece of tech from as well from the Autel scanners. The first one on that list is the ABS/SRS.

It is not only capable of reading and resetting ABS/SRS codes, but also capable of performing ABS brake bleed.

The other functions are EPB, oil reset, DPF which is quite good at finding out the root of the problems occurring within.

Moreover, it allows the user to reset the battery once they get a new one for the car.

What is the good thing about this tool is you have the option to check out if it supports your car model.

Though it covers the major and most of the brands that you see around from regions like the US, Asia, and Europe, but yet you have the scope to be sure about that.


  • Supports features like EBC and SBC.
  • It contains a user-friendly interface.
  • The SD card function allows the user to place the required data in it.
  • Getting the scanner updated is super easy.


  • The external structure has a scope of improvement.


Frequently Asked Questions for Autel Scanners

Q – 1: Which one is better? Wired or wireless?
Answer: Actually, it depends on the preference of the user. Both the scanners are meant to render the accurate result of the scanning.

So, what you should focus most of the scanner is its internal configuration that performs the overall scanning process. But if you are thinking about controlling the scanning process remotely, then you better go for the wireless scanner.

Another good thing about those scanners is they are quite like smartphones or tabs, so what happens over here is they are quite easy to operate for any of the regular vehicle users and they operate them from a distant location as well.

Q – 2: How important is to focus on the sturdiness of scanners?
Answer: OBD2 scanners are mostly used not only for the regular vehicle users but also for the mechanic whose job is it to fix up vehicles and if you have visited such place, then you would’ve seen the heavy machinery around there.

So, there is a higher possibility of the scanner taking an impact from any of the machinery and get damaged. So, it is quite important for the scanner to be of sturdy design. So that it can take any of the impacts yet function properly without getting damaged.

Q – 3: Why having higher memory is good for the scanner?
Answer: It is pretty much obvious that having a higher memory is a convincing feature of a good scanner.

There are two reasons why having a higher memory is considered as a good feature in a scanner.

One is, it gives enough space to store more of the data and the second one makes the scanner operate faster.

Q – 4: Is keeping the OBD2 scanner plugged in a bad idea?
Answer: It shouldn’t be a problem if the car is driven on a regular basis.

But if you are not much of a regular driver and go around every four or five days, then I really don’t think leaving the scanner plugged in is a good idea.

Though the batteries are built in a way that it can go easily for a few weeks with its existing capacity. But the user should let the battery drain too much, as it can influence damage of the battery.

End Thoughts

It’s been late today again for the office. It’s been the third day in a row. It is happening only because your car broke down again. Just imagine yourself in that situation! How would you feel?

But you might not have the take headaches like these if you have the best Autel scanner on your hand that will find out the problems and gets it fixed at the right time.

I hope my Autel Scanner Reviews will help you out to grab one and save you both headaches & unnecessary expenses.

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